Muddy Backroads: Stories from off the beaten path

Muddy Backroads: Stories from off the beaten path. This is a call for submissions flyer in mostly green tones overlaid over a muddy road.

For this anthology, the editors are looking for stories that move away from the norms of daily life to explore the side roads that take us away from the known. What do your characters do when they step away from what’s seen as normal or the usual? What happens when they find themselves in unexpected situations or locations? What if nothing about their lives is what most consider typical? When a character takes a “muddy backroad,” he, they or she moves away from society and out into a place where anything can happen. We want to see where those backroads and back alleys take us. No mud actually required.

The editors this year are Luanne Smith and Bonnie Jo Campbell.

The finalists will be announced soon, early next week, we hope! (last week in January 2022).

MORE INFO: Email questions/comments to, but please do not send your submissions to this email address. We only accept submissions through Submittable.