A New Biographical Essay About Luanne

Title image for article by Wendy Stokes about Luanne, "How Luanne Smith is Encouraging People to Talk about Their 'Unmentionables'". Photo in background shows Luanne with a cheeky grin and a pair of cool cat-eye glasses in red with sparkles.

Wendy Stokes biographical essay about Luanne Smith for The Frisky

Wendy Stokes provides insight into what Luanne is doing with her current series of anthologies. The article goes into some depth about what drives Luanne’s thinking with the themes she chooses for these curated works by multiple well-known and emerging writers.

You can find the full article here:

How Luanne Smith Is Encouraging People to Talk about Their “Unmentionables”

by Wendy Stokes April 28, 2021

And here are the links to the books the article mentions: