Taboos & Transgressions

Stories of Wrongdoings

edited by Luanne Smith, Kerry Neville, & Devi Laskar

978-1-948692-64-9 paper 20 .95
978-1-948692-65-6 ebook 9.99
6×9, 300 pp.
Fiction Anthology
March 2021

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Taboos and Transgressions: Stories of Wrongdoingsis a short story anthology, edited by Luanne Smith, Kerri Beth Neville, and Devi Laskar is an anthology focused on breaking the rules featuring stories by Pam Houston, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Joyce Carol Oates, and Kim Addonizio alongside emerging writers. The anthology offers a scope of voices, styles, stories, and wrongdoings. From infidelity to family prejudices, from breaking the law to broken promises, from losing everything to finding empowerment, characters in these pieces offer a look at stepping over the line in all too human ways.

Table of Contents

  • Kim Addonizio – “True Crime”
  • Chavisa Woods – “Exit Stage”
  • Michael Gaspeny – “The God Box”
  • Joyce Carol Oates – “Gargoyle”
  • Pamela Painter – “Stroller”
  • Sarah Stone – “Rising with the Seas”
  • Soniah Kamal – “The Tao of Good Families”
  • Jen Knox – “Lost Her Way”
  • Paco Aramburu – “The Kiss”
  • Dalton Monk – “What Was Ours”
  • Lee Zacharias – “Being the Record of Hannah King,
  • born April 14, 1681, Salem Village”
  • Francine Rodriguez – “I Still Like Pink”
  • Bonnie Jo Campbell – “The Alcoholic Alphabet”
  • Hadley Moore – “When My Father Was in Prison”
  • Lisa Lynn Biggar- “I Know You Are, What Am I?”
  • C.J. Spataro – “Incarnations”
  • Walter Evans – “What Seems Fun or Nice”
  • Sabina Khan-Ibarra – “Honeyed Scents of Motherhood and Chai”
  • Pam Houston – “Jamboree”
  • Kyle Ingrid Johnson – “She Sheds Her Skin”
  • Melanie Rae Thon – “Lover”
  • J.C. Sasser – “Goatmartie”
  • Molly Giles – “Not A Cupid”
  • Yohanca Delgado – “The Niece”

Edited by Luanne Smith, Devi Lasker, and Kerry Beth Neville, the anthology represents the best of both solicited and unsolicited work. Unsolicited material has been read by judge Maurice Carlos Ruffin and prizes awarded to one winning story and two runners up.